98. Space and Time

“Space and Time” 6: Done!

George made a frame for the painting and incorporated the lamps, with the control unit underneath (this photo was taken with the lamps dimmed to 10%).


I think it supports the artwork really well.

You can read more about the artist’s work in George Sfougaras’s blog.

The video was made before the frames were put in place. Without the frame you can see the LEDs directly which creates an unpleasant glare. In the finished work, the lamps still appear bright, but when viewed from a suitable distance (given the size of the work) they stand out as light sources rather than glare.

I’m starting on the next project now. George has a painting in memory of the victims of the Bataclan terrorist attack. It’s a similar style but needs completely different lighting. I want to fit all the electronics within the frame this time. It’s an interesting challenge.

*** Update, December 2016 ***
The work appeared in the art exhibition “The Eye” in central Leicester (8th December 2016 to 4th January 2017) (photo: Paul Rudman (left) and George Sfougaras).



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