96. Paul Conneally

“Paul Conneally” 6: Exhibition

The art works Paul Conneally and Bearing Witness were exhibited from 12th January 2017 to 8th February 2017 at the Adult Education Centre, 50-54 Belvoir St, Leicester.


I had wondered if the overall light level would be correct for an exhibition gallery. In my house the Poet appeared rather bright, but in the exhibition it was clear that they needed to be bright in order to make the unlit areas appear dark.

(The other artworks in the above image are by the brilliant artist Alan Willey.)


The candles in Bearing Witness, on the other hand, seemed rather dim at home. As described in a previous post, the candle images are lit by 10 Watt LEDs running at a maximum of 1.35 Watts. In addition, the software scales 100% to 50%, so the maximum average power of each LED is around 0.7 Watts. They are not very bright, but then, neither are actual candles. In addition, the flicker effect makes them more noticeable. Overall, they look pretty good.

The Flash was a little disappointing for me. The main problem is that it was designed to flash briefly. It was changed to a slow fade in / fade out because people were annoyed by a bright flash (I would mention that the idea was to make people a little uncomfortable briefly – the subject matter is not comfortable). Nonetheless, I changed it to a slow fade. Being on so long (20 seconds in total) means it’s apparent that there are three light sources, which rather detracts from the effect. Or at least, creates a different effect. Nonetheless, it does make a good contrast with the contemplative candle effect.

The sensor added to the overall affect quite well. When the hall was busy, the sensor was continually triggered, so the flash effect occurred every 90 seconds (the minimum repeat time). This was fine, as it created a “show”. When the hall was empty, he flash triggered when someone walked up to the work (or after a short random delay to stop people “gaming” the work, i.e. walking to the “sweet spot” to make it flash). This was particularly effective since the work was positioned at the bottom of the entrance stairway, so a visitor would see the candles while descending the stairs, and then the Flash as they approached the work.



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