Radiance: Lighting control for artists

The Radiance system provides complete control over multiple lights. The system was designed with the help of three artists who work with light and has been used in exhibited and sold artworks. It is designed to be integrated into artworks, models, props, and anything where light is important, where detail matters, where a handful of flashy patterns doesn’t cut it.

Examples of Radiance use

It’s easy to use the supplied Windows / Mac program to define exactly how the lights behave. Every light can be individually controlled. Using a simple timeline, for each channel you define the colour and brightness, how long each colour is shown and how they change (the fade speed or an immediate change). Times can be set to a hundredth of a second. Then, just click on “Update” and the pattern you have defined is sent through WiFi to the controller; you will straight away see your pattern come to life. You can change the pattern as much as you like – even if everything’s finished and the controller is not accessible.

The Radiance control program

Radiance24 is the first product in the range. It’s easy to set up and can be powered by most USB sockets or power banks. There’s just two things to plug in – the USB wire to power it, and the string of 24 LED ‘NeoPixel’-style multicoloured lights. There is no soldering, programming, or anything technical. Just plug it in, download and run the program, and you’re away. To make sure it’s easy, there are instructional videos and a month’s email support.

Two types of lights to choose between

For advanced users (which you will be in no time), a little simple soldering (there are videos) expands the system to 99 lights per controller, allows the use of ‘DotStar’-style LEDs, and connects switches to pause or restart the pattern.

The Radiance system launches in time for Christmas 2021, but you can register your interest now. We will let you know when it’s ready, and send you a discount code:

Artists featured:
Mark Boot –
George Sfougaras –
Moira Robinson –

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