95. Uplighter

Uplighter – 2: Heatsink / frame

Choosing a heatsink The lamps will each consume 10 Watts (about 1 Amp at 10 Volts). These LEDs use about 30% of the electrical energy to produce light, with the remaining 70% converted into heat. So the four lamps will create 40 x 0.7 Watts, or 28 Watts, of heat. Generally, heatsinks are rated as degrees…… Continue reading Uplighter – 2: Heatsink / frame

96. Paul Conneally

“Paul Conneally” 6: Exhibition

The art works Paul Conneally and Bearing Witness were exhibited from 12th January 2017 to 8th February 2017 at the Adult Education Centre, 50-54 Belvoir St, Leicester. I had wondered if the overall light level would be correct for an exhibition gallery. In my house the Poet appeared rather bright, but in the exhibition it was clear that they needed…… Continue reading “Paul Conneally” 6: Exhibition

96. Paul Conneally

“Paul Conneally” 5: Software

The software for this one is quite simple. Five patterns (lighting effects) are predefined. The software displays a pattern for a few seconds (the exact time is randomised) and then selects a different random pattern and fades to that one. This just repeats indefinitely. For example, to create the effect of light coming from above, the…… Continue reading “Paul Conneally” 5: Software